Saturday, October 11, 2008

there goes my next story...

one of the great things about covering a team on a daily basis is to see how much they grow from game-to-game. on the flip side, games like tonight also bring you down to earth.

oklahoma city has been many things this preseason, and one of their greatest strengths by the end of the inaugural season could very well be defense. it just won't be on display against the golden state ball club.

the warriors are taking it to the thunder, currently 70-55 at the half. normally i wouldn't be sweating it, but okc has only allowed 91 points a game in the first two contests. yes, it is only the third game of preseason basketball, but more importantly it is the first time for back-to-back games.

my hope is that the thunder are tired and ready for a breather. unfortunately for okc fans, two more match-ups are coming up before the team can take a break. it is time for me to find a new story idea, and i'm thinking it could be to write to the nba about schedules. or the lack of sense on behalf of the oklahoma city thunder schedule, that is...

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