Sunday, October 5, 2008

Color Sell-out

I have a confession to make: I am a San Francisco Giants fan. I own the shirt pictured to the right. I think wearing that shirt shows my solidarity with the team.

My girlfriend, however, thinks that shirt is ugly. She doesn't understand how I could wear such a shirt. She is embarrassed to be around me when I'm wearing that shirt (ok, she's embarrassed for other reasons too, but we'll just stick with the shirt for this story).

Sports teams throughout the years have had some pretty ugly color combinations. The Seattle Supersonics were one of these teams. I can imagine there were many guys who were told by their significant others to "change shirts" when they attempted to wear their green and yellow Seattle jerseys and t-shirts on dates to SuperSonics games. Thankfully, Oklahoma City Thunder fans shouldn't run into this problem as the new colors tend to be more pleasing on the eye.

I feel a little bit of sadness every time one of the ugly color schemes disappears. It feels as though a secret society has lost yet another member. We will miss you, Seattle SuperSonics.

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