Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

To all of the Thunder fans out there that are unaware, today rather than two days ago is Halloween. I know that Wednesday night seemed pretty spooky and scary. And that it seemed like the sixth grader down the street was wearing a Kevin Durant costume. And your neighbor's son was dressed up as Earl Watson. And that freakishly tall junior high school girl who lives two blocks away and can school your son every day and twice on Sunday on the b-ball courts was dressed up like Johan Petro. And it seemed like Jeff Green was ... well, actually, that was probably just Jeff Green.

Thunder fans, take solace in the fact that nothing that you see tonight will spook or scare you at all like on Wednesday during the first quarter of the game. Tonight there will be no 10 point first quarter deficits. There will be no first half foul trouble for Durant. There will be no starters getting outscored by 15 by the bench. Or starters shooting a mere 35% from the field.

No, tonight will be a night of ghosts and goblins and witches and pokemon (or whatever the heck kids are in to these days). Obamas and McCains and Palins and Bidens. Candy grubbers throughout looking for a handout.

So go out, and enjoy the fake hoodlumry. For tomorrow night beckons the start of a two game stretch that will truly frighten the mind! Rockets and Timberwolves, Oh My!

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