Sunday, October 19, 2008

point me in the right direction

way back when, let's say in june or so, i really took an interest in the team formerly known as the seattle supersonics. i thought it was fitting that one of the northwest clubs would be relocating to the midwest. i enjoyed all the drama that centered around the 2007 draft. the fact that the number 1 and 2 picks went not to boston or new york, but portland and seattle made the world feel whole again. then i heard about the possibility that oklahoma city could get the team for the 08-09 season, and the rest is history...

well not exactly but you all get the point. this leads to tonight's topic, and the fact that i am about two weeks or so behind the times. the thunder do not have a point guard controversy, as their starter has been healthy all preseason. at least he has been able to play in all five games thus far and has shown no sign of giving up his spot.

earl watson and russell westbrook share more than their position in common, but this will more than likely be the only season of two bruins running the point. westbrook was drafted fourth overall this year to be the point guard of the future and possibly of the present if watson was slowed by a thumb injury suffered in july. as luck would have it, both ucla products have been on full display, and the race for the starting spot has been largely non-existent.

watson recovered faster than expected and started the first game this month. actually, he has been on the court for the opening tip of each game thus far, and that is as clear a signal as you can find in the nba. westbrook has seen his share of minutes and brings a different element to the thunder. okc will benefit from bringing westbrook off the bench, where his scoring in bursts can be better utilized. watson formed a bond with star kevin durant last year, and that is not something that should be messed with for any reason.

the writing is on the wall, however, and the point guard job will be westbrook's to lose down the road. for at least this season, enjoy watching the two exciting floor generals play a game of 'anything you can do, i can do better!"

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