Monday, October 27, 2008

D is for Desmond

Building off of yesterday's post, my only critique of the Thunder is that they are trying awfully hard to stay with a young team. I understand KD is the star and that Westbrook is coming on strong. What I don't get is the infatuation with Jeff Green. This won't turn into an anti-Green website, but I do wonder about Desmond Mason.

My understanding was that he was brought in for leadership and defense. If he was only brought in to be a face and occasional player off the bench, then I have issues with management.

Do I think Green could emerge into the player who was drafted fifth overall last year?

Do I believe Mason is a short-fix to a bigger issue?

Do I envision a Thunder squad disciplined enough to be like the Spurs?


Potential is the buzz word tossed around the NBA every time a high school athlete takes the leap to the pros. It is also the single most overrated quality that every first round pick is handed. Defense is not flashy and can be boring. But it also wins over fans and more importantly, games.

Durant's focus is on scoring, and that is understandable. He needs a running mate who does the little things. Mason brings an intensity at both ends of the floor, something KD should be quick to learn. Mason is also a proven scorer, averaging 12.5 points a game over an eight year career. He can pick up the slack when Durant is struggling and offer the encouragement of a seasoned vet.

Let Green get his feet and take some of the pressure off of holding down a starting spot before he is ready. Make him the sixth man and anchor of the 'energy' group with Westbrook. Just don't count on Green to save the Thunder this season. Save that for the future and go with the motto, 'D is for Desmond' for the 08-09 campaign.

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