Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let's Forget This Weekend Happened ...

If you were to just look at the box score from the Knicks game, it would be easy to believe that the Thunder played a good game. They made four more shots from the field than the Knicks, hit 47.3% of those shots compared to 44.9%, and out rebounded New York by 4. Five of the Thunder players were in double digits with Westbrook putting up a double-double. Of course, then you'd read that the Thunder were down by 30 at one point and realize that New York eased up a little and let OKC pull closer in the second half. Neither Durant nor Green was very effective against the Knicks combining to shoot 39.4%.

If you were to look at the box score from the Philly game, it would be easy for you to start to cry. Statistically nothing looks good for OKC from this game. We shot a dismal 39.5% from the field and didn't perform better than the 76ers at any meaningful category. Green led the team with 21 points on 10 for 15 shooting (an impressive 66.7%) but after that, only Westbrook and Durant hit double digits with both of those guys at 13. Durant shot 6 for 18, Westbrook was 3 for 12, and Nick Collision (after going 7 for 8 against the Knicks) shot a bagel at 0 for 7. Weaver and Sene both saw some playing time and each put up 6 points in roughly 6 minutes of play.

This was an awful road trip, and hopefully the Thunder can put it behind them as their next three games are at home: Monday against the Rockets, Wednesday against the Clippers, and Friday against the Hornets. I smell a victory upcoming in that Wednesday match up. Of course, my nose is currently injured from the foul odor created by the Thunder's poor play over the weekend.

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