Saturday, November 15, 2008

It Takes Two

I will be doing things a little different for tonight's game. Instead of a recap/preview, I will be back to give updates of tonight's game and a bit about the OKC loss to the Knicks.

Update # 1

As carbert made me aware, the Thunder was playing well in the first half against the 76ers, but the third quarter is not going well. OKC was trailing by four at the half, but Philadelphia is running away with the contest, now 79-60 going into the fourth quarter.

The biggest issue for the Thunder is playing a complete 48 minutes of basketball. They have had great halves and very impressive periods of play. But Oklahoma City isn't consistently doing the things all game that pull out wins, and New York took advantage of that last night in their 116-106 victory.

Update # 2

Wow, maybe there could be a rule change and only the best two quarters of a game count? Or we can go back to the old CBA rules where you get points for leading a quarter. Nonetheless Philadelphia didn't need any help in dispatching the Thunder tonight. I will leave the details to my last update, but I will warn you now -- it's not pretty.

Finishing off the New York game from last night, the good news was that Kevin Durant did play. Outside of that it was the same old tune for the one-win OKC club. One good half of play, one terrible half of basketball. The Thunder remained winless on the road, and thankfully the road trip is over.

Game, set, match

The 76ers came into this season with high expectations, and they are starting to play like a team on a mission. Unfortunately for Durant and Co., Philly took a lackluster performance in the first half and turned the close game into a rout.

Jeff Green shot better from the floor and finished with a team-high 21 points, but Durant was off the entire night, making only six of 18 shots. The continued lack of outside shooting made any chance of coming back a moot point, and the final outcome was 110-85 in favor of the host 76ers.

Oklahoma City returns home for three of the four games next week. Chris Wilcox will hopefully be back to provide a spark as the team needs a turn of good fortune very soon. Too many more losses like this weekend's duo, and the fans may not be nearly as loud next month.

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