Monday, November 17, 2008

First Team to Ten Losses ...

Tonight, the Houston Rockets come to Oklahoma City in what will most likely be the Thunder's 10th loss of the year. The two teams have already played twice this year (once in the preseason: the Thunder's only preseason win). In their regular season match up, the Rockets won 89-77 pulling away from the Thunder in the final quarter. If OKC can stay in this game up until the final quarter, it will be a major improvement after their recent losses.

The Rockets shot a mere 36.4% from the field in the mentioned game. Don't expect to see such offensive futility from them tonight. They're averaging 41.9% on the season and will probably shoot better than that against the Thunder. They average only 91.5 points per game, so OKC may be able to break their current 4 game streak of giving up 100+ points per game.

Durant and Green are shooting 43.0% and 42.1% from the field this year, and while that's in line with what they shot last year (Green is off of his last year's percentage by 0.8), that's not enough for the Thunder to be a winning team. In addition, Durant and Green don't seem to be having big games together: when one's playing well, the other is off. Until the Thunder get another threat or two, these guys will need to combine for 45% from the field if there's any chance for OKC to win any game.

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