Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Look out for the motivated team

Tonight, the Memphis Grizzlies come to town with revenge on their minds. Less than two weeks ago, the Thunder traveled to Memphis and made the Grizzlies a member of an exclusive club: teams that have been beaten by the Thunder. The club has just two members, and the only other member, the Minnesota Timberwolves, has already avenged their loss. If the Grizzlies lose tonight, they'll be the founding member of a new club: teams that have lost twice to the Thunder. This in not a moniker that they wish to own.

The last go round, OKC won the game from the line as we shot more free throws and made a higher percentage of them. This will likely be a key stat from tonight's game as it is throughout the season since the Thunder tend to get out-shot from the field and from beyond the arc. Closing the gap in those percentages will also be important tonight. Memphis shot 5.6% better from the field and 18.3% better from three-land last game. If Memphis out-shoots us like that tonight, we're likely going to get beat.

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