Friday, December 12, 2008

D.J. Dreaming

At least some good news is coming out of this NBA season -- carbert and I will have plenty to write about from our soon-to-be new location. But first a little about the team we cover. The Thunder are doing everything in their power to select Blake Griffin with the first overall pick in the next draft. Keeping the Sooner in state would allow Oklahoma City to pair Kevin Durant with an inside presence and hopefully a reason to stay in a couple of years.

It would also give Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green the opportunity to grow into role players who can carry the team when Griffin and Durant are having troubles. With the one remaining starting spot, my thoughts go to another young player who has yet to play a minute for the Thunder. OKC's D.J. White won't play until at least the middle of January, but he is exactly the type of player needed right now. White is a wide body, with enough skills inside to the change the game at both ends. Chris Wilcox is going to miss more time, and I hope Johan Petro can pick up the slack.

Well on to the big news of the day. (Drum Roll Please)

We have been given the opportunity to join an awesome website community where the Thunder can be properly displayed. It should be up-and-running very soon, and all the details will still be displayed here while we are renovating. Thanks to everyone who has been a casual fan and to those loyal readers who have commented. I can't speak for carbert, but I know being able to write again has made a huge difference in my life.

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